UI/UX Experience

Education Malaysia

The international education hub

Case Study

Education Malaysia


The organization’s website needs to be redesigned to better connect with its audiences, including building a more intuitive information architecture

Research, Wireframing, Interface Design, Development


EMGS is the wing responsible for promoting Malaysia as the international education hub of choice and to position Malaysia as the Top 10 education destination. It is also the principal body that manages the movement of international students in Malaysia, including facilitating visa processing. Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is a Company Limited by Guarantee (“CLBG”) under the purview of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.


The goal of this particular project was to identify any usability issues with the beta release and determine the critical features to prioritise for the next iteration of the product.

Brand Attributes & Mission Statement

By brainstorming and prioritizing brand attributes in various categories we created the basis to put together a mission statement
Culture How would our community describe us?
Target Groups How would we describe our target audience?
Voice How do we want to sound to others?
Feeling How do others feel after being in contact with us?
Impact What tangible impact do we have on others?
X-Factor How are we different from others?

In this case, the main goal was to gather information for creating the future website design and to allow objective discussions about it. Still, this exercise can be used for so much more, for example, to define the students Program,easy to use the feature for worldwide student who come Malaysia for study and what it should be about (x-factor).

Initial gathering of individual expectations and definition of daily goals.

EMGS operates a One-Stop Centre for international student services pursuing higher education at Malaysia’s public and private higher education institutes, language and training centres.

On the whole, Malaysians are friendly, welcoming and love to socialise. The country is a contrasting blend of people from around the world with a vast number of ideologies. This makes Malaysia more congenial for international students.

Definition of Target Groups

EMGS international education hub for worldwide different types of sutdents thats why we developed so called User friendly interface, which are based purely on experience and assumptions.These serve as a starting point to reflect on the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions that can be considered later in building the information architecture.

Evaluation via Tree Tests
To ensure an intuitive understanding of the site‘s structure I tested the sitemap on-site with potential users through so-called tree-testing by giving them relevant tasks, such as “Where would you click if you wanted to join a theatre group?” Based on the test results, the sitemap has been adjusted accordingly.

Building the Site Structure
Jointly creating low-fidelity wireframes. The advantage was a direct buy-in of the approximate structure.

Everything was finally sewn together! The final design now live. The EMGS website will run on WordPress .