The strange creatures called “Designers”

Most people find the Designer to be a rather friendly looking fellow. Usually cheerful, wearing his/her stylish poplin shirts, gently distracted by creative fantasies, mumbling fondly about Apple products and always up for a good doodling. They are mostly harmless and have a tendency to live in their little world reading Medium posts and leaving humans alone. Even so, their most admirable trait is that they are ambitious and always need to create better things for other beings. A trait, that has changed the way we look at them. But how do they live? What do they do?

Designers like to hop around in small packs like a bunch of bunnies or work together with different stakeholders (carnis custodi) on what they call ‘workshops’. It wasn’t like this a little while ago. As the majority of them tends to be introverted, they are very shy and elusive by nature, evading contact with other earthly beings and usually feel more comfortable alone, polishing their creations like precious pebbles.