Education Malaysia

UI/UX designer / Developer

About EMGS


EMGS operates a One-Stop Centre for international student services pursuing higher education at Malaysia’s public and private higher education institutes, language and training centres

Key research methods that I wanted to focus First best user interface for foreigner students who come to Malaysia for studies. Competition is especially important to me, as I find that no one would leave an app that they are already comfortable and well established with for something similar if not the same.


  • Getting clear and relevant information that provided Students with a good understanding of the process of Admission.
  • Provide best Plate form and user-friendly interface for foreign students where they get all information and faction to take admission in Malaysia 

Solution Statement

Based on research and after take interviews of students first Make the EMGS Information Architecture and the application user flow.

Keeping my hours of research in mind, I created an app that will be easy to use, educational, and will address the pain points for Students who come to Malayis from all over the world for studies. Please visit our final Product:

Education Malaysia